Ego was created with a simple goal.

Personalized cannabis –for everyone.

We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products while also offering personalized packages and efficient delivery services.

It’s one thing to have fresh high-grade marijuana, it’s another to ensure that consumers receive that month’s selection while it is still at its peak freshness. To be the best in the cannabis industry, it is essential to provide the highest quality cannabis with the fastest and most efficient delivery.

When customers purchase from Ego, they are not just purchasing marijuana, they are participating in a custom cannabis experience. Each item’s product description is heavily detailed – making it easy for consumers to decide which type of cannabis suits their needs best. Plus, with a huge variety of flowers, edibles, flavor profiles and more, there is something for everyone.

Our Values

Empowered by subscription.

Your cannabis-buying experience should be intuitive and responsible. Our company was designed to provide a seamless method for receiving cannabis products that enhance life's journey.

Meeting Expectations

You grow. We grow.
(no pun intended)

What sets Ego apart is our dedication to our customers. As your needs change, our business will adapt. Relevance and flexibility are essential. We are committed to bringing your voice into every aspect of our company in order to foresee your needs and respond to your requests.