Ego X

$49.95 /month

The Package X is designed for the cannabis explorer. It’s for those who want to try out a cannabis subscription box for the first time, or simply want to get a feel for what Ego has to offer. This budget-friendly package includes both Indica and Sativa flowers – all hand-selected by our team.
  • Two 3.5g cannabis flower products
  • One package of THC infused gummies
  • One Pre-rolled Marijuana Joint
  • Two THC infused lozenges

Ego Y

$199.95 /month

This package for the cannabis aficionado. It’s for the consumer who wants a greater selection and more customized experience. Each box comes with five of the highest quality products, with the option to choose between various types of cannabis. Your box is tailor-made by you, for you.

Ego Z

$299.95 /month

This package is curated for the cannabis connoisseur. The consumer who partakes regularly and knows exactly what products they want. Variety is the spice of life. Choose between multiple different flowers and flavor profiles each month. With seven products in each box, there is enough premium marijuana for a full month of bliss.


$199.95 /month

The Venus package is specially created for women. Inspired by the Roman goddess of love and beauty, this collection includes cannabis products designed for relaxation, feminine health, and intimacy.